Black Currant Oil Hair Loss

Black Currant Oil Hair Loss – Know Why You Should be Taking Black Currant Oil For Beautiful and Healthy Hair

You have already tried several over the counter products, but these chemical based products do not give you the hair of your dreams. Black currant oil hair loss treatment can be obtained from black currant oil which is a non-chemical medication that can provide you strong as well as beautiful hair all the time.

Black currant seed oil is composed of omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids which provide moisture to your hair. These essential fatty acids can also promote hair growth and strength. The gamma-linolenic acid found in black currant seed oil can prevent hair dryness, thinning and splitting based on the study by Dr. Andrew Weil. Moisture is very essential for your hair to make it healthy since fragile and dry hair can easily break. There are times that you failed to notice the growth of your hair due to its breakage.

Black currant oil hair loss treatment consists of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which are both beneficial in the improvement of your nails, hairs and skin as well. Black currant seed oil is in liquid and in capsule form. According to Weil, you can start taking 500 mg capsules at least one to three times each day. The capsule form also has high dosages but it is recommended that you start having a lower dosage and observe your reaction to this supplement. It is essential to gain gamma-linolenic acid through a capsule and not through a diet. Capsules can give you more fatty acids and improve healthy hair. You can get the recommended dosage from the supplement if you take capsules.

Black currant oil hair loss supplements are less common that other types of hair growth supplements. However, you can still purchase black currant seed oil from health stores and nutrition stores. You can also buy it from online health stores which sell supplements.

Do not expect hair growth overnight because it cannot happen with black currant seed oil as well as with other hair growth supplements. Generally, results can be expected within six to eight weeks provided that you are taking the supplements regularly. Sometimes it may take a shorter or longer period to notice the improvement of your hair. This is because each individual reacts differently to these supplements.

Black currant oil treatment has no known negative side effects except for unusual cases such as allergic reactions. Black currant seed oil is not recommended for people who are prone to seizures because it contains omega-6 acids which can contribute to the increase occurrence of seizures. Like any other supplements, it is very important that you should inform your doctor before taking black currant seed oil. This is also to ensure that black currant seed oil does not affect you present medications.

Aside from providing nutrients to your hair, black currant seed oil can also provide you high volume of vitamin C compared to oranges. If you add these berries to your diet then you do not need to take vitamin C supplements. Aside from containing gamma linolenic acid, black currant seed oil also contains monoamine oxidase inhibitors which can fight symptoms for anxiety and depression.